Accordion The Accordion is an interactive container which holds display objects in a collapsible menu.
 Album The Album element provides a list of display objects that can be scrolled horizontally or vertically using a drag gesture.
 Button The Button hides or shows DisplayObjects on specified state events.
 ButtonElement Deprecated: Please Use com.gestureworks.cml.element.Button
 Camera The Camera element captures video from the client system's camera.
 ColorPicker The ColorPicker element provides color selection capability by moving graphical indicators or adjusting color properties to select hue and color variants.
 Container The Container element controls the layout characteristics of child components.
 DatePicker The DatePicker element provides date selection capability.
 Dial The Dial element provides a list of text elements in rotary selection tool.
 Dock Designed for the database version of the CollectionViewer, the Dock is a retractable control station intended to guide users through database query construction by vertically spinning a set of dials populated with predefined search terms.
 Drawer The Drawer is a container that animates down to conceal its contents (closed state) and animates up to reveal its contents (open state).
 DropDownMenu Drop down menu is used to create a simple menu from a text string of items.
 Element The Element serves as a base class for extending to create custom Elements, and gives access to functions provided in ElementFactory.
 Flickr The Flick element provides access to images stored on Flickr through the Flickr API.
 FlickrQuery The FlickQuery is designed to be used with the dock to set a query in CML that may be used in conjunction with searchFields and the dials to provide a way to search via groups, users, and tags.
 Frame The Frame element create display object frames.
 FrameElement Deprecated: Please Use com.gestureworks.cml.element.Frame
 Gesture The Gesture class allows you to create gestures in CML.
 GestureList The GestureList class allows you to create a group of gestures in CML.
 Gigapixel The Gigapixel element loads a gigapixel image.
 Graphic The graphic element can draw many types of graphic types.
 GraphicElement Deprecated: Please Use com.gestureworks.cml.element.Graphic
 Hotspot A Hotspot is primarily a container for graphic objects that is set at an index local to a gigapixel scene.
 Image The Image class loads and displays an external bitmap file.
 ImageElement Deprecated: Please Use com.gestureworks.cml.element.Image
 ImageList The ImageList element create a set of images through and orderered list.
 ImageSequence The ImageSequence element creates a list of images and contains a build-in sequencer.
 ImageSlideshow The ImageSlideshow element creates a list of images and contains a build-in sequencer with fade transitions.
 Include The Include element allows one to nest CML files.
 Key The key element simulates a key on a keyboard by dispatching a keyboard event, containing the assigned character and key unicode values, when touched.
 LiveVideo The LiveVideo element captures and displays live video input from a user’s camera and also captures audio from a microphone.
 Magnifier The Magnifier element provides a touch enabled element with an optional graphical lens that will increase the magnification when placed over any display object on the stage.
 MaskContainer The MaskContainer element takes in one or multiple images and applies a mask designated in CML to all images in its child list.
 Media The Media class is a wrapper for media elements including the ImageElement, VideoElement, and the MP3Element.
 MediaElement Deprecated: Please Use com.gestureworks.cml.element.Media
 Menu The Menu element constructs a custom menu using nested Buttons(s).
 MenuAlbum ...
 Microphone Use the Microphone class to monitor or capture audio from a microphone.
 Model3D The Model3d class takes in a 3d file (.OBJ, or .3ds), and loads it in.
 ModestMap The ModestMap element uses the ModestMaps API to generate an interactive map that can be touched and zoomed.
 ModestMapMarker A ModestMapMarker is primarily a container for graphic objects that gives the latitude and longitude of map.
 MP3 The MP3 element loads an .MP3 file and plays it, with the options to pause, stop, seek, and resume play.
 MP3Element Deprecated: Please Use com.gestureworks.cml.element.MP3
 OrbMenu The OrbMenu element creates a free-floating menu that optionally randomly floats around the stage in a screen-saver mode.
 Panoramic The Panoramic element provides a touch-enabled, 3-Dimensional panorama using the Away3D 4 library.
 ProgressBar The ProgressBar provides a visual representation of the progress of a task over time.
 RadioButtons The RadioButtons element represents a group of radio buttons generated from a user defined list of labels.
 ScrollBar The ScrollBar creates an interactive scroll bar.
 ScrollPane The ScrollPane creates a masked viewing area of a display object and dynamically updates two scrollbars as that content is optionally dragged or scaled inside the viewing area.
 Slider The Slider element creates s horizontal or vertical slider that reponds touch and mouse input.
 Slideshow The Slideshow element takes a set of display objects to its childList and plays through them with a crossfade set through tis rate and fade duration.
 Stack The Stack element is a container that gathers its children into a stack, and allows the user to move through the list using a specified user input.
 Stepper The Stepper element provides a graphical user interface tool to increment and decrement numbers.
 SWC The SWC element displays an external class from a SWC library file.
 SWCElement Deprecated: Please Use com.gestureworks.cml.element.SWC
 SWF The SWF element displays an external class from a SWF library file that has been loaded through a LibraryKit.
 SWFElement Deprecated: Please Use com.gestureworks.cml.element.SWF
 Switch The Switch element is acts as a switch button.
 Tab The Tab element is a container with a tab extension.
 TabbedContainer The TabbedContainer element is a container that allows switching between a group of containers by selecting their associated tabs.
 Text The Text element displays a text fields.
 TextElement Deprecated: Please Use com.gestureworks.cml.element.Text
 TLF The TLF element provides access to AS3's TLF system within CML.
 Toggle The Toggle element acts as a toggle button.
 TouchContainer TouchContainer can be used to create interative display containers.
 TouchKeyboard The TouchKeyboard is a virtual keyboard providing an interface for a collection of Key objects and output management for key events.
 Video The Video element loads a video and plays it, and provides access to play, pause, stop, and seek methods.
 VideoElement Deprecated: Please Use com.gestureworks.cml.element.Video
 View The View element is touchable display container with its default size set to the stage.
 WAV The WAV element is an AIR required element that loads in a .WAV file and plays it, with the options to pause, stop, and resume play.
 YouTube The YouTube element retrieves and streams a Youtube video using the Youtube API.