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Partners & Advisors

  • Maxwell Museum of Anthropology

    Maxwell Museum of Anthropology

    The Maxwell Museum was founded in 1932 at the University of New Mexico, and was the first public museum in Albuquerque. With its associated research institutes, the museum is a center for cultural studies. We’re teaming up with Catherine Baudoin and Amy Louise Grochowski to build creative digital inroads to the Maxwell’s massive collections.

  • NM Museum of Natural History and Science

    NM Museum of Natural History and Science

    Located in downtown Albuquerque, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science works to foster an understanding f the natural history and physical sciences of New Mexico and the Southwest. We’re working with Matt Celeskey and Charles Compton to develop dynamic, informative exhibits for the museum.

  • National Center for Interactive Learning

    National Center for Interactive Learning

    The National Center for Interactive Learning at the Space Science Institute is dedicated to improving formal and informal STEM education and the evaluation/research foundation on which they are based. We’re working with Kate Haley Goldman, Open Exhibits’ co-PI and the Director of Learning Research and Evaluation at the Center, to develop project objectives and research & evaluation metrics.

  • Rockman et al

    Rockman et al

    Rockman et al is an innovative research, evaluation and consulting company that specializes in examining critical issues in formal education. Saul Rockman and Jennifer Borland will conduct the summative evaluation of the Open Exhibits project.

  • The Tech Museum

    The Tech Museum of Innovation, based in San Jose, California is a landmark for visitors seeking a glimpse of the most inventive place on Earth and a showcase of the latest blockbuster exhibits, high-tech gizmos and wondrous gadgets that continue to define Silicon Valley. Bob Ketner curates the The Tech Open Source.


    SENSUS is an innovative young company that is focused on the development and application of “social computing” technologies. Sensus was founded by Ralph Das and Peter Distol, and is based in Amsterdam.

  • NUI

    NUI Group is a global research community focused on the open discovery of natural user interface. NUI Group was founded by Christian Moore.

  • The Away Foundation

    The Away Foundation is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) that promotes openness, innovation and participation in and around freely available software resources. The Foundation’s open-source technology called Away3D is a powerful, real-time Flash 3D rendering engine. We have worked closely with the managing director, Rob Bateman, to integrate this first class technology from the Foundation into our Open Exhibits framework.


Open Exhibits Staff

  • Jim Spadaccini
    Principal Investigator; Director, Ideum
  • Shaun Marsh
    Lead Open Exhibits Developer
  • Glass Cartwright
    Web Production