Gigapixel Viewer


Image Module

This multitouch module gives the ability to view and explore giga pixel images. It uses image tiles to dynamically re-create the giga pixel image at various zoom levels. Users can pan around the image using the drag gesture, zoom stepwise using the double tap gesture and zoom continuously using the two finger zoom gesture.

Each window can be manipulated using the TAP, DRAG, SCALE and ROTATE multitouch gestures independently of the giga pixel content. All multitouch gestures can be configured through the GML file. 

The giga pixel viewing window, menu and buttons can be added or removed dynamically using the CML file. The CML file also allows for inclusion of a dynamic info panel which can contain metadata related to the giga pixel image. In addition every object displayed in the component window can be formatted and styled using the CSS file.

Posted on Friday, March 16th, 2012