Albuquerque, New Mexico
JUNE 11 - 14, 2013




  • Jennifer Borland, M.A.
    Media Programming and Learning Technologies Evaluator Rockman et al Web Site LinkedIn
  • Robert Ketner
    Curator Independent Web Site LinkedIn
  • Erik Lizee
    Director of Exhibit Design and Development McWane Science Center & Aquarium Web Site LinkedIn
  • Paul Orselli
    President and Chief Instigator POW! Web Site LinkedIn
  • Christine Reich
    Director of Research and Evaluation Museum of Science Boston Web Site LinkedIn
  • Chia Shen, Ph.D.
    SEAS Senior Research Fellow
    Director of SDR Lab, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)
    Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Web Site LinkedIn
  • Monica Smith
    Exhibition Program Manager Lemelson Center, Smithsonian National Museum of American History Web Site LinkedIn


  • Tom Aageson
    Executive Director Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship Web Site LinkedIn
  • Sina Bahram
    Accessibility Researcher and Ph.D. candidate North Carolina State University Knowledge Discovery Lab Web Site LinkedIn
  • Catherine Baudoin
    Curator of Photo Archives Maxwell Museum of Anthropology Web Site LinkedIn
  • Carrie Bruce
    Ph.D, Research Scientist Georgia Institute of Technology Web Site LinkedIn
  • Olivia Castellini
    Senior Exhibit Developer Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago Web Site LinkedIn
  • Matt Celeskey
    Exhibit Design Manager New Mexico Museum of Natural History Web Site LinkedIn
  • Sebastian Chan
    Director of Digital and Emerging Media Smithsonian, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum Web Site LinkedIn
  • Bill Cherryholmes
    Intel Web Site
  • Charles Compton
    Technology Director New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Web Site LinkedIn
  • Daniel Davis
    Media Producer Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Web Site LinkedIn
  • Jennifer B. Elliott, Ph.D.
    Cognitive Research Scientist/Senior Consultant TiER1 Performance Solutions Web Site LinkedIn
  • Karen Elinich
    Director, Educational Technology Franklin Institute Web Site LinkedIn
  • Ron Eppes
    Community Engagement Manager Intel Web Site
  • Kate Haley Goldman
    Principal Audience Viewpoints Consulting Web Site LinkedIn
  • Tiya Gordon Studio Director Local Projects Web Site LinkedIn
  • Joe Hastings
    Executive Director Explora Web Site LinkedIn
  • Wesley Hsu
    Web and Touchscreen Developer Balboa Park Online Collaborative Web Site LinkedIn
  • Natasha Martell Jackson
    Media/Communications Manager Intel Web Site LinkedIn
  • Olivia Jackson
    Media Producer Oakland Museum of California Web Site LinkedIn
  • Brian Kelly
    Technical Designer Ariel Project - Franklin Institute Web Site LinkedIn
  • Erika Kiessner
    Interaction Designer Aesthetec (Toronto) Web Site LinkedIn
  • Susan Kirch
    Creative Director Right Brainiacs, Los Angeles Web Site LinkedIn
  • Wayne LaBar
    Principal ALCHEMY studio Web Site LinkedIn
  • Anna Lindgren-Streicher Project Manager Research and Evaluation, Museum of Science, Boston Web Site LinkedIn
  • Marti Louw
    Research Faculty and Designer University of Pittsburgh Center for Learning in Out-of-School Contexts Web Site LinkedIn
  • Leilah Lyons
    Director of Digital Learning, Assistant Professor New York Hall of Science / University of Illinois at Chicago Web Site LinkedIn
  • Paul Marty
    Associate Professor Florida State University Web Site LinkedIn
  • Marco Mason
    Marie Curie Fellow Massachusetts Institute of Technology Web Site LinkedIn
  • Bill Meyer
    Director of New Media Exploratorium Web Site LinkedIn
  • Dan McCulley
    Business Analyst Intel Web Site LinkedIn
  • Cathy McEver
    Independent Consultant The Bureau of Common Sense Web Site LinkedIn
  • Slavko Milekic
    Associate Professor of Cognitive Science & Digital Interface Design University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA Web Site LinkedIn
  • Mike Mouw
    Media and Technology Consultant Gamut Interactions LinkedIn
  • Kristen Nesbitt
    Director of Exhibits Shedd Aquarium Web Site LinkedIn
  • Dave Patten
    Head of New Media The Science Museum (UK) Web Site LinkedIn
  • Suzanne Pierce
    Research Assistant Professor, Assistant Director The University of Texas at Austin Web Site LinkedIn
  • Graham Plumb
    Creative Director Snibbe Interactive Web Site LinkedIn
  • Allison Price
    Director of Education Lincoln Park Zoo Web Site LinkedIn
  • Peter Samis
    Associate Curator of Interpretive Media San Francisco Museum of Art Web Site LinkedIn
  • Francesca Samsel
    Research Professor University of Texas at El Paso Web Site LinkedIn
  • Tamara Schwarz
    Associate Director of Exhibit Content Development California Academy of Sciences Web Site LinkedIn
  • Markus Seidl
    Professor University of Applied Sciences St. Poelten Web Site LinkedIn
  • Erika Shugart, Ph.D.
    Principal Erika Shugart Consulting, LLC Web Site LinkedIn
  • Steve Snyder
    Vice President, Exhibit and Program Development The Franklin Institute Web Site LinkedIn
  • Christopher Stapleton
    Creative Venture Catalyst Simiosys Web Site LinkedIn
  • Jason Stevens
    Principal and Exhibit Designer Flutter & Wow Museum Projects Web Site LinkedIn
  • Travis Suazo
    Executive Director Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Web Site LinkedIn
  • Beck Tench
    Director for Innovation and Digital Engagement Museum of Life and Science Web Site LinkedIn
  • Kevin Von Appen
    Director of Science Communication Ontario Science Center Web Site LinkedIn
  • Charlie Walter
    Executive Director New Mexico Museum of Natural History Web Site LinkedIn
  • Eric Welch
    Prototype Developer Ariel Project - Franklin Institute Web Site LinkedIn
  • Libbey White
    Software Developer Oregon Museum of Science & Industry Web Site LinkedIn
  • Ben Wilson
    Manager, Interactive Media Museum of Science Web Site
  • Eve Wurtele
    Ph.D. in Biology, Professor Iowa State University Web Site LinkedIn
  • Bruce Wyman
    Teufelkind Web Site LinkedIn
  • Charles Xie
    Ph.D., Principal Investigator Concord Consortium Web Site LinkedIn

The Conference is funded by the National Science Foundation and organized by Ideum and Independent Exhibitions