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n — Property, class com.gestureworks.objects.ClusterObject
n — Property, class com.gestureworks.objects.GestureObject
n — Property, class com.gestureworks.objects.StrokeObject
N — Property, class com.gestureworks.core.TouchMovieClip
N — Property, class com.gestureworks.core.TouchSprite
N — Property, class com.gestureworks.core.VirtualTouchObject
name — Property, class com.gestureworks.cml.element.Camera
The name of the current camera, as returned by the camera hardware.
name — Property, class com.gestureworks.cml.element.Microphone
The name of the current sound capture device, as returned by the sound capture hardware.
names — Static Property, class com.gestureworks.cml.element.Camera
An array of strings indicating the names of all available cameras without displaying the Flash Player Privacy dialog box.
names — Property, class com.gestureworks.cml.element.Microphone
An array of strings containing the names of all available sound capture devices.
nativeTouch — Property, class com.gestureworks.core.GestureWorksCore
Overrides native touch input
n_cache — Property, class com.gestureworks.objects.GestureObject
n_current — Property, class com.gestureworks.objects.GestureObject
nestedTransform — Property, class com.gestureworks.core.TouchMovieClip
nestedTransform — Property, class com.gestureworks.core.TouchSprite
nestedTransform — Property, class com.gestureworks.core.VirtualTouchObject
netConnection — Property, class com.gestureworks.cml.element.LiveVideo
Defines net connection object.
netstream — Property, class com.gestureworks.cml.element.LiveVideo
Defines netstream object.
newInstance(source:any) — Static Method , class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.CloneUtils
Returns a new object from the source paramter
next() — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.element.Album
Snap to the next item on the belt
next() — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.element.ImageList
returns the next image
next() — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.element.Slideshow
Goes to the next slide without restarting playback or changing play direction.
next() — method, interface com.gestureworks.cml.interfaces.IIterator
Returns the next value in the iteration.
next() — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.LinkedMap
Returns the next value
next() — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.List
Returns the next value
next(filter:String) — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.as3Query
next(value:Number) — method, class com.gestureworks.utils.InertialFilter
next(value:Number) — method, class com.gestureworks.utils.NoiseFilter
nextAll(filter:String) — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.as3Query
nextArrow — Property, class com.gestureworks.cml.element.Dock
An optional way to set a custom graphic for multiple pages of results.
nextName(index:int) — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.LinkedMap
nextName(index:int) — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.List
nextNameIndex(index:int) — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.LinkedMap
nextNameIndex(index:int) — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.List
nextPage() — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.element.FlickrQuery
nextSibling(node:flash.display:DisplayObject) — Static Method , class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.document
nextValue(index:int) — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.LinkedMap
nextValue(index:int) — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.List
nMax — Property, class com.gestureworks.objects.GestureObject
nMin — Property, class com.gestureworks.objects.GestureObject
noActivity(e:com.gestureworks.events:GWGestureEvent) — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.components.Component
nodeName(elem:flash.display:DisplayObject, name:String) — Static Method , class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.as3Query
nodeName(node:flash.display:DisplayObject) — Static Method , class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.document
nodeNameCmp(node:flash.display:DisplayObject, nodeName:String) — Static Method , class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.document
NoiseFilter — class, package com.gestureworks.utils
NoiseFilter() — Constructor, class com.gestureworks.utils.NoiseFilter
noiseSuppressionLevel — Property, class com.gestureworks.cml.element.Microphone
Maximum attenuation of the noise in dB (negative number) used for Speex encoder.
normalize(collection:Array) — Static Method , class com.gestureworks.analysis.VectorMetric
normalize — Property, class com.gestureworks.cml.factories.BitmapFactory
specifies whether loaded image is normalised or not
normalizeSamplePath() — method, class com.gestureworks.analysis.VectorMetric
not(t:Object) — method, class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.as3Query
nth(cur:flash.display:DisplayObject, result:Number, dir:String, elem:flash.display:DisplayObject) — Static Method , class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.as3Query
NumberUtils — class, package com.gestureworks.cml.utils
The NumberUtils utility is a collection of static methods for working with numbers.
NumberUtils() — Constructor, class com.gestureworks.cml.utils.NumberUtils
NumPoints — Static Property, class com.gestureworks.analysis.VectorMetric
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