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y — Property, class com.gestureworks.cml.factories.TextFactory
Sets y position of text
y — Property, class com.gestureworks.objects.ClusterObject
y — Property, class com.gestureworks.objects.PointObject
y — Property, class com.gestureworks.objects.TransformObject
y_lock — Property, class com.gestureworks.core.TouchMovieClip
y_lock — Property, class com.gestureworks.core.TouchSprite
y_lock — Property, class com.gestureworks.core.VirtualTouchObject
YouTube — class, package com.gestureworks.cml.element
The YouTube element retrieves and streams a Youtube video using the Youtube API.
YouTube() — Constructor, class com.gestureworks.cml.element.YouTube
YouTubeViewer — class, package com.gestureworks.cml.components
The YouTubeViewer component is primarily meant to display a YouTube element and its associated meta-data.
YouTubeViewer() — Constructor, class com.gestureworks.cml.components.YouTubeViewer
youtube Constructor
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