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Open Exhibits
Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Open Exhibits SDK is an advanced multitouch software framework for ActionScript. It can be used with Adobe Flash, FlashDevelop, Flash Builder and other development environments. The Open Exhibits SDK is free for educational use by museums, nonprofits, schools, and U.S. government agencies.

Flexible Authoring

Flexible Authoring

Open Exhibits introduces two new markup languages: Creative ML and Gesture ML. These extensible markup languages provide authoring options and enhanced flexibility.

Advanced HCI

Gesture Support

Open Exhibits provides pre-built gestures in the included Gesture Library and the possibility of virtually any number of new gestures through the Gesture Markup Language.

Who Qualifies?

Who Qualifies for the Open Exhibits SDK?

  • Museums
  • Schools and students
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • U.S. government agencies

Commercial users can purchase GestureWorks and anyone with a license for either SDK can use the open components and templates found on this site.