Panoramic Viewer


Image Module

The PanoramicViewer is a module for OpenExhibits 2.0 that uses the AWAY3D 3 API to create interactive high resolution zoomable 360 degree panoramic viewing windows. Multiple touch object windows can independently display individual panoramic views with different sizes and orientations. Each touch object can be manipulated using the DRAG, SCALE and ROTATE multitouch gestures. All multitouch gestures can be configured using the module GML settings.

The panoramic viewing window, menu and buttons can be added or removed dynamically using the CML file. The CML file also allows for inclusion of a dynamic info panel which can contain metadata related to the image. In addition every object displayed in the component window can be formatted and styled using the CSS file.

OpenExhibits 2.5 has a new Panoramic element which is updated to use the AWAY3D 4 API. Due to constraints in Stage3D and AWAY3D4, the new Panoramic element is always placed behind Flash’s 2D stage, and its viewport is currently unmovable, so for this reason in OpenExhibits 2.5, our traditional Viewer style for the Panoramic element is not available. OpenExhibits 2.5 Panoramic element requires Flash Player 11 or Adobe AIR 3 to be targeted.

Posted on Friday, March 16th, 2012