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Introduction to the Open Exhibits Site

Open Exhibits HomepageWelcome to the latest incarnation of the Open Exhibits website. We’ve added a bunch of new features to help you, the Open Exhibits community, contribute to the future of computer interactives. And since this is a community-driven website, I’ll walk you through a few ways you can help build the community.

You can start by filling out your profile. This information will help us determine whether or not you qualify for the free Open Exhibits Core software. It’s important to fill out correct information here as other members will connect with you through your profile. You can find other members to connect with via the member directory. This is a great way to see who’s active on Open Exhibits. You can sort members by community contributions, join date and name. Or you can search for someone by their email address, organization, or the role they play at their organization.

If you are a developer, or interested in learning how to build your own multitouch exhibits, take a look at the Software page to begin exploring the available Modules and Templates. All of the modules released on this website are free to modify or use. Most modules require access to Adobe Flash, Open Exhibits Core, or GestureWorks. If you think you qualify for Open Exhibits Core, submit a request on your profile page. Commercial developers who are ineligible for Core can download and use all of the Open Exhibits modules and templates by purchasing a copy of GestureWorks.

Each module has its own summary page, documentation and support page. From these pages, you can track updates, download new releases, seek support from the module author(s), or branch out and create your own version. If you’re interested in creating your own software to distribute on Open Exhibits, click the “Upload” or “Share” button on your profile page.

Looking for other ways to contribute? The Research and Design section of this website is a dynamic multiuser blog. It allows you to author articles with embedded media such as videos, images, and text documents. We make it very easy to comment on, favorite, and share Research and Design across your social network. Want to do more? Help out by evaluating the findings of our recent survey on the use of computer-based exhibits in museums, or take this year’s survey.

The Tutorial and Support pages are your best resources as you delve into Open Exhibits-based software. Tutorials and screencasts will help you get started quickly, while the OE Core manual, API documentation, and Gesture Library page give deeper insight into creating multitouch applications with Open Exhibts. As the site grows, these resources will grow with it.

Look forward to more exciting features in the future. And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to post updates with helpful information concerning how to use them.

Questions? Contact me directly, or comment on this article.

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