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Multitouch Table Comparison Chart

Choosing the right multitouch equipment is a critical factor in planning a successful public exhibit. Size, build quality, multitouch technology, and performance are key factors when evaluating a device that will be used day- after-day in a busy public environment. Ideum (who as the lead organization on Open Exhibits) recently developed this Multitouch Table and Display Comparison chart (PDF 600kb).

This comparison chart compiles information about the MT55 Pro multitouch table, MT55 Platform multitouch table, and the MT65 Presenter multitouch wall, the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface 2, the Multitaction MT550W7 table, 3M touch displays and more. We hope you will find this a valuable resource when selecting equipment for your next museum exhibit or public display. We welcome your comments or questions.

by View all posts by Chad Person on February 8, 2012