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New Exhibit Download: Flickr Collection Viewer Featuring Smithsonian’s Women in Science

Open Exhibits has released a new exhibit template that allows users to dynamically search any Flickr collection and browse through digital result sets.

The exhibit  includes retractable control stations, referred to as docks that guide users through query construction by vertically spinning a set of dials populated with predefined search terms. Each dial change submits a new query, as a combination of aligned dial terms, and generates a visual result set representation in the dock. Result sets can be horizontally scrolled and images can be loaded to stage by either tapping a result or dragging a result to one of the graphical placeholders. Once on stage, users can transform images with basic manipulation gestures, close images, and flip to info panels to view descriptions.

The exhibit is fully configured in CML and CSS to support easy customization of features like search term assignment, placeholder layout, number of query dials, text field attributes, etc. The accompanying documentation provides instruction on how to link your own Flickr sets and how to change the exhibit’s style.

The exhibit, by default, uses the Women in Science Flickr set from the Smithsonian Institute.

Download the exhibit

by View all posts by Charles Veasey on March 25, 2013