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Open Exhibits 3.1 Update

Open Exhibits 3.1 Update

The Open Exhibits Team has just released an update to the SDK: 3.1.0. This update continues the development effort of supporting Away3D, adding a new 3D layout infrastructure, and helper transformation classes that facilitate more natural object transformations relative to the camera position. In addition to 3D, we’ve optimized the gesture analysis engine considerably by adding object pooling throughout, boosting performance in both 2D and 3D applications. In an effort to be more transparent and open source we’ve moved all code examples, and exhibit examples to GitHub. Most existing exhibit templates have been updated to work with the new framework and are now available on GitHub. In addition we’ve open sourced the GestureWorks Flash Visualizer, which is a great way to explore the advanced features of the GestureWorks analysis engine.

Open Exhibits 3.1 Features

  • Object pooling optimization
  • 3D Layouts
  • AIR applications can now extend GestureWorksAIR as an alternative to the import
  • Away3D transformation helper functions by John Brookes (Away3D) in TransformUtils class
  • Open sourced visualizer.

For more information regarding the updates, improvements, and known issues in this release, please see the full Release Notes page on the GestureWorks wiki.

by View all posts by Ken Willes on January 8, 2014