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Improved Papers and A New Bounty

Improved Papers and A New Bounty

As we gear up for the release of Open Exhibits 2.5 later this year, we have expanded the Papers section of the website. Papers now includes a search function and better tagging to help you navigate and find what you are looking for. We have also added a new category, Exhibit Design, that can be used for papers, articles and web resources on the design of multitouch exhibits in any context. These resources may be recent or they may be older, canonical references that explain the underlying principles of creating effective multiuser exhibits. 

A case in point is the newly added article Principles of Exhibit Design from the 1987 edition of the Journal of Visitor Behavior. Authors Stephen Bitgood and Don Patterson draw from historical research and foundational visitor studies to formulate a set of recommendations for designing user-centred exhibits. They cover the various aspects that impact on visitor experience including the content of the exhibit, social interaction between visitors and the placement of exhibits within busy gallery spaces. The principles they identify are timely and relevant to the challenges of designing multitouch applications today.

To kick things off, we are offering offered a $25.00 Amazon gift certificate to an Open Exhibits member who can help us populate the new Exhibit Design category. There’s not much to it: Simply find at least 3 scholarly papers or articles and upload (or link) them to the newly-improved Papers section before September 30, 2012. Make sure to categorize and tag them correctly and you will receive your bounty! We would like to encourage all members to contribute to our growing library of resources for multitouch designers and developers.

by View all posts by Shelley Mannion on August 14, 2012