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Open Exhibits SDK 2.6

We’re pleased to announce a major release for the Open Exhibits SDK – version 2.6. This release is packed with new components, features, and bug fixes. We’ve made it possible to connect the gesture analysis engine to just about any device. As proof we’ve integrated the Leap Motion Controller and provided support for the Starling Framework. Now you can use any input configuration. For example you can configure the Leap Motion Controller to rotate a 3D model and configure the touch screen to select menu options.

New Features:

  • 2D Leap integration
  • Starling support
  • TweenMax integration
  • Database-driven rendering
  • New and improved CML expression attributes, selectors, and template renderers
  • Open GML binding infrastructure allows use of any framework or input type
  • New and improved UI elements and components including: Accordion, Model3D, Drawer, Dock, FlickrQuery, Hotspot, ProgressBar, SlideshowViewer, ScrollPane, and ScrollBar.

Check out the release notes for a full description of the features in Open Exhibits 2.6. Learn more about the Leap Motion Controller.

by View all posts by Charles Veasey on April 16, 2013