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Working on New Designs for the Open Exhibits Components

Open Exhibits software comes with over 50 UI elements and other librariesthat can be used to construct multitouch and motion tracking applications and exhibits. Recently, we’ve begun redesigning many of the UI elements for a release later this summer. Below are a couple of examples of design direction we are going in.

Open Exhibits Component Design: Dark: 1

Open Exhibits Component Design: Light: 1

Notice the light and dark version of these UI elements. We are trying to make this set of UI elements as universally adaptable as possible. Our UI elements can all be re-skinned, but having a more attractive starting point (these will be our “default” components) would be a step forward. Along with improved visual design, we’ve been reworking some of the functionality of these elements to make them more user friendly–there is still a bit of work remaining.  You can see more of these designs on the Open Exhibits Flickr site. Let us know what you think.

by View all posts by Jim Spadaccini on April 16, 2013