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Kickstart the DUO: The World’s First DIY 3D Sensor

Have you heard of the DUO?

The DUO is the world’s first and only DIY 3D sensing solution. The DUO comes in many forms: with open hardware plans, molded cases, kits and fully assembled devices. All paired with an open source Driver, SDK and examples. Resulting in a professional grade solution for 3D sensing using stereo vision. The best part is it’s extremely easy to use, just plug it in, download the software and you can start playing within minutes. If you can wave in the air you can use a DUO.

What could be as cool as a multitouch screen? Multitouch without a screen. As multitouch moves into the third dimension, so does Open Exhibits. Our team is working on developing a library of 3D motion gestures and adding support for 3D motion sensing and other new HCI technologies. Integrating the DUO is on the roadmap. The DUO provides a DIY solution that museum techs should be keeping an eye on.

Help the DUO become a reality with their Kickstarter campaign.

by View all posts by Marshall Macy II on March 29, 2013