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CCV 1.4.1a with multicamera support is released

Community Core Vision (CCV) took a major stride forward this week with the release of CCV 1.4.1a.  CCV is an open source   computer vision based motion/input/event tracker for NUI applications. It arose from the NUI Group forums, co-founded by Open Exhibits Design Summit guest Christian Moore and Seth Sandler.

We love CCV. We've used it with our MT-Kinect module, and on a few custom multitouch tables. With support for multiple, stitched cameras, the new version of CCV should power large optical multitouch devices requiring multiple cameras for high touch-fidelity. You can checkout our DIY 50" multitouch table post for an example of a table using 3 cameras.

CCV can interface with various web cameras and video devices, connect to TUIO/OSC/XML enabled applications, and supports many multi-touch lighting techniques including: FTIR, DI, DSI, and LLP.

Version 1.4.1a has been released for "testing hardware capabilities," so you may not want to put it on the floor just yet...  Learn more and download CCV 1.4.1a on the NUI Group site.

by View all posts by Chad Person on June 6, 2011