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Multi-Touch in the K12 Classroom

Hi all,

Thanks first of all for welcoming me into this exciting project and community.

I have an idea, which is growing into a full-blown project, regarding the possibilities for the use of multi-touch tables in K12 classrooms.

Many classrooms are now equipped with interactive whiteboards. These tend to be expensive, andBy Johannes Freund on FLickr more importantly the focus of learning is at the front of the room. In such an environment, learning and activity are rarely in the hands of students. What if the interactive whiteboard were laid on its side and became a platform for student-centered learning? What if the surface accepted input from many students at a time, and through their fingers and hand gestures? What if students and teachers could easily insert their own instruction and activities into the system? This new tool for raising student achievement intends to capitalize on the innovative energies of students to allow them to transform their classrooms.

As the cost of large, professionally made multi-touch tables is beyond the budgets of most k12 institutions, I’ve applied for funding to build a prototype (projector-based DSI) to model the technology and gain support. High school students will build the prototype, and we of course plan to use Open Exhibits software. We’d also like to develop an easy way for teachers to add activities and resources through an in-board scanner, and to model the use of multi-touch technology to facilitate mathematics and handwriting instruction from elementary school classrooms using gestures.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but I’m very interested in any feedback the OpenExhibits community may have, specifically, any advice for further funding/donations/freebies :)

Thanks so much for reading,

Jeff Mummert

Hershey High School

by View all posts by Jeff Mummert on March 25, 2011