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Summary Document from the Open Exhibits Design Summit


A major event in the young history of the Open Exhibits project was the Design Summit that we held here in Corrales back in March. We have more than a dozen blog posts about the summit, but I wanted to put together a short document that helps summarize the activities and findings.

Much of what came out of the Design Summit has guided the Open Exhibits project. Our recent web redesign, and making the Open Exhibit SDK fully open, are recent examples of practical applications of ideas that came out of the summit. Additionally, concepts from the design activities from the summit have made their way into our design process as we are looking to develop new software modules and templates.

Thanks again to everyone who attended and contributed to the making the summit such an important event.

oe-summit-summary.pdf (0.81MB) – Open Exhibits Desgin Summit – Summary Document


by View all posts by Jim Spadaccini on June 8, 2011