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Selling Cars vs. Connecting Visitors with Artifacts: Examples from the Commercial World

The two images in this article reminded me a great deal of the resources that have been developed and deployed as part of the Open Exhibits project. The article highlights use of a Multi-Touch table and Kinect-driven interface sponsored by Microsoft for would-be consumers to learn more about Mazda’s new line of cars at a recent event in France.

Perhaps the messages to us, as a community, are two-fold: 

1) That Open Exhibits is providing cutting edge tools and resources that are both buzz-worthy and news-worthy – so let’s keep spreading the word about what we are doing; and,

2) If the commercial world is adopting this technology to help sell products, its not too far-fetched for those within the museum community to be looking to capitalize on the technology to help visitors engage with artifacts and information – and learn.



by View all posts by Jennifer Borland on April 12, 2012