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The Maxwell – An Experiment in Viewing

The Maxwell Museum of Anthropology has recently opened a new exhibition, “An Experiment in Viewing,” which features an Ideum multitouch table with Open Exhibits Collection Viewer.

Curators Catherine Baudoin and Amy Grochowski selected a broad range of culturally and geographically diverse objects, along with photographs of people using similar objects in context. Visitors can view objects in multiple ways to compare and connect their place of origin, purpose, material composition and cultural context.

This exhibition will give the visitor an opportunity to reflect on an object’s meaning and its journey through place and time. The viewer can imagine the creative process from idea and selection of materials, to construction and completion of piece. The multitouch table allows the visitor to view the physical object in a digital format where its materials and construction can be seen in detail.

The Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, founded in 1932 was the first public museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Its mission is to increase knowledge and understanding of the human cultural experience across space and time. The Maxwell is also an Open Exhibits partner.

by View all posts by Jessica Gonzalez on June 5, 2012