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Open Exhibits is Now 100% Free

Big news: Open Exhibits is now free for commercial use! This has been made possible by merging GestureWorks Flash with Open Exhibits. Open Exhibits 4.1 offers, for free, all of the features of the final available version of GestureWorks Flash (previously version 4.1 & OE 3.1). If you haven't already, download your free copy today (see our license for complete usage details).

Historically, Open Exhibits was geared towards museums, educators, and non-profits; but now through the combination of GestureWorks and Open Exhibits communities, we look forward to a larger and more active user community. It will also allow us to direct more resources toward Open Exhibits, hopefully making it sustainable for some time to come.

Combining both the GestureWorks and Open Exhibits communities will collectively enrich our understanding of how HCI can be applied in a variety of settings. Support for Open Exhibits will continue to be found in the Open Exhibits forum.

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by Ken Willes View Ken Willes's User Profile on Mar 12, 2014

Open Exhibits Seattle Bound for AAM 2014

Open Exhibits will be at the AAM Expo in their new Technology Innovation Zone (booth 2809) featuring OE software on Ideum multitouch tables.  The Expo is not until May, but we're excited to be participating again this year and to show off all of the new developments in OE since last year's Expo in Baltimore. The 2014 Expo will be held May 18-21 at the Washington State Convention Center.

We will also have copies of the HCI+ISE conference findings available at the booth. This publication is freely distributed online and in hardcopy thanks to support from the National Science Foundation.

The Open Exhibits team looks forward to seeing you all in May! If you want to meet up, please shoot us a message from our Contact page.

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by Nora Galler View Nora Galler's User Profile on Feb 4, 2014

Open Exhibits 3.1 Update

The Open Exhibits Team has just released an update to the SDK: 3.1.0. This update continues the development effort of supporting Away3D, adding a new 3D layout infrastructure, and helper transformation classes that facilitate more natural object transformations relative to the camera position. In addition to 3D, we’ve optimized the gesture analysis engine considerably by adding object pooling throughout, boosting performance in both 2D and 3D applications. In an effort to be more transparent and open source we’ve moved all code examples, and exhibit examples to GitHub. Most existing exhibit templates have been updated to work with the new framework and are now available on GitHub. In addition we’ve open sourced the GestureWorks Flash Visualizer, which is a great way to explore the advanced features of the GestureWorks analysis engine.

Open Exhibits 3.1 Features

  • Object pooling optimization
  • 3D Layouts
  • AIR applications can now extend GestureWorksAIR as an alternative to the import
  • Away3D transformation helper functions by John Brookes (Away3D) in TransformUtils class
  • Open sourced visualizer.

For more information regarding the updates, improvements, and known issues in this release, please see the full Release Notes page on the GestureWorks wiki.

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by Ken Willes View Ken Willes's User Profile on Jan 8, 2014

New Tutorials for Open Exhibits 3.0+

Open Exhibits has undergone major changes for its 3.0 release. The biggest changes have been in the way the system handles 3D gestures with Leap Motion and rendering with Away3D. In order to get up to speed with the new changes, we have created a number of new tutorials.

To learn more about 3D gesture construction and configuration using GML, please follow these tutorials for detailed elaborations of our pre-existing gesture engine features and gesture markup language schema. In addition, introductory tutorials are in place to demonstrate the expansion of our framework's multimodal capabilities, recently integrated 3D motion point processing, 3D gesture construction, and 3D space interactions.

For tutorials on rendering with Away3D, please start with this one and try out the examples included with your download or browse the source on Github. More tutorials are also listed below in the rendering section.

New tutorial list

Input Modes

Advanced Gestures

Editing Gestures

Gesture Filters

Gesture Targeting

Motion Gestures


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by Ken Willes View Ken Willes's User Profile on Jan 8, 2014

25,000 Downloads of Open Exhibits!

We just surpassed 25,000 downloads of Open Exhibits software!  The release of Open Exhibits 3 has really accelerated the download count and we're thrilled to see how many developers have already tried it out. If you want to know more about what is included in Open Exhibits 3, please see the announcement from last week.

Over the last three years,  we've worked hard to develop a powerful and flexible HCI software framework. Of course we can't take all of the credit, we've had a lot of input and help from all of you in the Open Exhibits community.  Your help in building modules, your suggestions, and your support have made this major milestone possible.

Open Exhibits has also received major support from the National Science Foundation (DRL#1010028).  NSF backing and the support from the Informal Science Education (ISE) community at-large helped launch Open Exhibits with the idea that it could help transform how computer-based exhibits are developed in museums, planetariums, and other ISE venues. There is plenty of work still to be done, but 25,000 downloads is a milestone worth celebrating.

Thanks everyone and congratulations!



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by Jim Spadaccini View Jim Spadaccini's User Profile on Nov 21, 2013
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